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The present Corpus Christi Church was designed by the architect Wilfred Edwards Anthony in 1935. Rev. George Barry Ford, the new pastor, chose a Georgian Revival style for his new church.

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The altarpiece depicting Christ the King was executed in 1947 by Valentine d’Ogries,
who also painted the Stations of the Cross and made the stained glass windows.

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The Lady Chapel (now also the Blessed Sacrament chapel) has an altarpiece of the Madonna and Child with
four saints. It is in the style of Lorenzo Monaco, who was active around 1400.

Cruc a-web    A painted Florentine crucifix from the 1400s hangs beside the pulpit.

There are also Russian and Italian hanging silver sanctuary lamps, large silver Belgian candlesticks, and Bohemian crystal chandeliers,
to say nothing of the superb vestments.


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