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archives pc ch ext web 2      steeple a

The quiet façade on a narrow street gives little hint of what lies within.

door with banners 2 b      FrontEntrance-a

CCC plaque 2     CCC old cornerstone 2a     CCC new cornerstone 2

                                                 Corpus Christi Church Interior, New York City     pulpit Ea HV-web b      Gods eye view a web
LadyChapel from notecards 300dpi a      ccc-6-14-Baptistry-a
The Lady Chapel is also the               The baptistry contains the baptismal font
Blessed Sacrament Chapel.                from the original 1906 church.

 Cruc a-web      altarpiece HV 3       LadyChapel ptg aa-web
a 15th-century                     the altarpiece of Christ the King, 1947                       the Lady Chapel altarpiece
Florentine crucifix                                                                                                         in the style of Lorenzo Monaco

window rose det 3-web

window crown HV     CCC decalogue copy     window flower HV-web     window angel HV-web     window keys HV a

     Reims glass-web     cent lamp a     cent chand a     cent window apse a