Choirwindowside 3This window in the choir area
names Buxtehude, Handel, Bach, Haydn, and Mozart.

M U S I C   C O M M I S S I O N E D   F O R
C O R P U S   C H R I S T I   C H U R C H

December 2007       Gerhard Krammer      Ky_ri-[:E:]

June 2007                Jorge Muñiz                Motet for tenor and chorus I Have Called You
                                                                               (Isaiah 3:1) by Thomas Merton

June 2006                John Frantzen             Allehuia (for the Solemnity of Pentecost)

January 2000          Harvey Burgett           Organ Fantasia on “Das alte Jahr vergangen ist”

January 1999           Catherine Aks              Psalm 26: Rondo on “Rendez à Dieu”

for choir, men’s choir, congregation, trumpet, & organ

November 1998       Harvey Burgett           Motet, “Cross-Crowned with Water”

January 1998           Catherine Aks             Anthem, “The Girl”

Harvey Burgett           Motet, “O Come, Emmanuel”

March 1997              Harvey Burgett          The Passion according to St. John

June 1996                 Harvey Burgett          Motet, “O sacrum convivium”

June 1992                 Harvey Burgett          Hymn, “Pange lingua” verses for choir and organ

Alleluia for the Feast of Corpus Christi

May 1992                 Jackson Hill                Hymn, “Sacris solemniis”

Louise Talma               Motet, “Psalm 115″

December 1990      Harvey Burgett           Sonata for Organ: I. Puer nobis;

                                                                               II. Viderunt omnes;

                                                                              III. Puer natus in Bethlehem

October 1986          Harvey Burgett         Mass in F-Sharp

Duet, “Coenantibus illis”

December 1985        Jackson Hill             Motet, “Hodie Christus natus est”

June 1985                 Louise Talma            A Cappella Mass for the Sundays of the Year

October 1984           Louise Talma           Motet, “Psalm 84″

March 1983              Philip Fried              Motet, “Psalm 51″

Harvey Burgett        Organ Fanfare at the “Gloria,” for Easter

October 1981           Dennis Riley             Motet, “Psalm 83″

Meet the Composer grant, published by C. F. Peters

October 1980           Maurice Wright       Missa Brevis Meet the Composer grant

October 1979            Stephen Dydo          Short Mass for Choir and Organ

1978                            Jackson Hill             Corpus Christi Mass in unison for congregation and organ

November 1978       David MacBride       Anthem, “Psalm 137″

April 1977                  Jackson Hill             Three Motets

for the first Tenebrae service of Holy Week, published by C. F. Peters

1936                           John Becker               Pater Noster