English Martyrs window



The Martyrs of the English Reformation

top row, left to right:
Bl. Edward Shelley, gentleman (+1588); Bl. Mark Barkworth, o.s.b. (+1601); St. John Southworth, priest (+1654); Bl. John Roche, Irish boatman (+1588); Bl. John Ireland, priest (+1544)

middle row, left to right:
St. Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel (+1595); St. Margaret Clitherow, wife (+1586); St. Margaret Ward, gentlewoman (+1588); Bl. William Howard, Viscount Stafford (+1680)

bottom row standing, left to right:
St. Edmund Arrowsmith, s.j. (+1628); St. John Jones, o.f.m. (+1598)

bottom row kneeling, left to right:
Bl. John Finch, farmer (+1584); Bl. Robert Morton, priest (+1588); St. Anne Line, widow (+1601)

inscriptions at bottom:
Chorus martyrum dominum laudate de caelis decembris xv die mcmxxix Anno Domini
(“Chorus of martyrs, praise the Lord in the heavens. December 15, 1929″)
To the glory of God this window is the gift of Mary A. Dunigan in memory of her [illegible] Malone a.d. 1946

The donor kneels at the lower left corner. The papal coat of arms in the midst of the inscription in that of Pius XI, who presided over the beatification of 138 English and Welsh martyrs on December 15, 1929.

The composition of this window seems based on a painting of the martyrs by Geoffrey Webb in St. James’ Church, Spanish Place in London.