So glad you’re interested in our parish!

Worshiping together at the Eucharist every week is the heart of our parish life.  Each of our Sunday Masses has its own special appeal.  Come see which suits you best.

Saturday Vigil Mass at 5:00 includes Woodstock Community of St. Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University, bringing new life to the readings and music.  Their liturgical gifts and social conscience enrich the parish.  This is also now the family Mass.  Wine and cheese are often served after this Mass.

Sunday at 8:30, with organ music and congregational singing, will appeal to early risers.

At 10:00 people from many Spanish-speaking nations of the Caribbean and Central and South America come together and find unity in the music and readings.  Click here for information about our Hispanic community.

At 11:15 the professional singers of the Corpus Christi Choir sing Gregorian chant, Renaissance and Baroque polyphony, and music by contemporary composers, some of it commissioned especially for us.  The congregation sings hymns and chants.  This is the most solemn and formal of the parish Masses.  Coffee hour follows in the auditorium downstairs, except for summer, Palm Sunday, and Easter; do come down and meet us.  Click here for more information about our music.

There are many other things we do as a parish.  To see what's happening, review our calendar on the Homepage and check the upcoming Events page.  Also consider looking at our Get Involved page.  This web site will begin to acquaint you with our parish.  But don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.  And in any case, please introduce yourself so we can get to know you.  Contact Us

Click here for more about our staff.